Welcome to HWCKF online

Halesowen Wing Chun. Respectful, disciplined and dedicated martial artists

Welcome to Halesowen Wing Chun online.

We are a family orientated martial arts school. Our purpose is to produce respectful, disciplined, dedicated individuals that are also martial artists. Shaping lives and guiding people to thrive and take on the world.

We aim to provide you with the absolute best in instructional videos and training to enable you to progress from the fundamentals of the Wing Chun system to the more advanced levels.

Giving you the necessary time to absorb the knowledge from the lessons and learning to apply them so that they become second nature.

HWCKF will teach you the foundations of Wing Chun from the first form (Siu Nim Tao) through to more advanced applications of Chum Kiu, forms, and the Wooden Dummy.

The Wing Chun martial art is a fascinating system. 

The aim of these videos is to give you an insight into the system, give you core principles to work from, and help you develop and learn at your own pace.  


The courses are designed to build progressively

We aim to enable a novice or indeed an experienced practitioner to develop fundamental skills in the Wing Chun system.

Drills, Chi Sau, and Applications giving you the freedom to explore the concepts and take the learnings and make them your own.

Would you like to grade your progress? at the end of each section of the course or at the end of the course we offer you a unique opportunity?  

Rather than just "give you a Certificate" because you have reached 100% and watched all the videos we can arrange for you to grade. Have your forms and applications checked and graded? 

Just get in touch and we will arrange this.

Background & Qualifications

Sifu Alan Bagley Martial Arts Experience

Sifu Bagley has been involved in martial arts since 1991. 

Sifu Bagley Wing Chun's journey began in the year 2000 and has been teaching Wing Chun since 2007. 

Full Lineage:

Leung Yee Tai > Dr. Leung Jan (Leung Tak Wing) > Leung Bik > Ip Man 葉問 (Yip Gai-Man) > Ip Chun 葉準 > Shaun Rawcliffe > Alan Bagley

I run a full-time Wing Chun academy in the United Kindom and continue to this day to teach both in person, online, and via online courses like this one.

Sifu Bagley’s knowledge is of the highest level and enables him to teach authentic and traditional Wing Chun martial arts direct from the source and functional and practical for today’s society.

What Do We Teach?

Courses Include

1. Siu Nim Tao. The Little Idea.
The Wing Chun Foundations

  • Wing Chun Foundation - 1
  • Wing Chun Foundation - 2
  • Wing Chun Foundation - 3

2. Chum Kiu. Seeking the Bridge. Intermediate level Wing Chun

  • Wing Chun intermediate - 1
  • Wing Chun intermediate - 2
  • Wing Chun intermediate - 3

3. The Wooden Dummy. Muk Yan Jong

Adding that missing ingredient to your Wing Chun training.

Where to begin?

The beginner levels of the system are the building blocks or foundation of the Wing Chun system.

Understanding these core principles will give you a solid foundation to build upon. 

Like any building, a solid foundation has to be used otherwise the building will fall, the same principles apply when learning Wing Chun, you have to put the time and effort into the basics/foundations to make sure you have a solid base to start from.

The intermediate level of the system, Chum Kiu builds on that solid foundation and adds more dynamic turning and power generation. 

The seeking the bridge form really starts to bring your Wing Chun to life and as you develop a greater understanding of Chum Kiu you will see how brilliant this martial art really is. 

Muk Yan Jong/Wooden Dummy

The Wooden Dummy is also covered here giving you more a more detailed understanding of not only the form/sequence but also how to apply these in the application of your Wing Chun.

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If you have any questions please feel free to email me at sifu@wingchunhalesowen.co.uk 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Sifu Alan Bagley

Halesowen Wing Chun. Respectful, disciplined and dedicated martial artists

Testimonials and Feedback


The teaching is clear


The teaching is clear and friendly, and you’re helped to lot in perfecting the skills you are being taught. This means you will know at home if you’re practising whether you are doing it correctly or not.
Steve T

Thinking, learning and rewarding martial art

Steve T

Wing Chun for me is a personal, humbling, thinking, learning and rewarding martial art. It is great to be able to learn this system online.
Mike C

Excellent teaching

Mike C

I started my Wing Chun journey in 2013. I have found excellent teaching and a teacher who is passionate about his art. Do not confuse style over substance try this online course!

The training is really good


The training is really good as the techniques eliminate the power of different sized people. Wing Chun is definitely good for a smaller person, such as me, when it comes to taking on a bigger person as you are taught the way to get around the size difference.
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