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My name is Sifu Alan Bagley. I've been training martial arts and combat sports for over 29 years. 

In that time I've trained in Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Wing Chun Kung Fu.

I have had the privilege to learn from some great teachers over the years, including

  • Neil 'Flex' Kelly (Kickboxing)
  • Bob Spour (Muay Thai)
  • Shaun Rawcliffe (Wing Chun)
  • Master Paul Smith (Wing Chun)

I've condensed my year's of experience and created this FREE course that covers 8 essential drills I believe can be added to any martial arts system.  

Each video breaks down the drill in detail covering the correct technique, mechanics and position.

Add these essential drills to your training sessions and let me know what you think.

Feel free to send me an email here: 

Thank you and enjoy!

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Whats Inside The Course

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    8 Essential Drills You Should Know

    • DRILL 1
    • DRILL 2
    • DRILL 3
    • DRILL 4
    • DRILL 5
    • DRILL 6
    • DRILL 7
    • DRILL 8

Your Instructor

Founder of Halesowen Wing Chun

Alan Bagley 

Hi, my names is Sifu Alan Bagley.

I am the founder of Halesowen Wing Chun Kwoon.

I have a passion for all martial arts. styles and systems but have a real passion for Wing Chun Kung Fu.

I really enjoy teaching and love the concepts and techniques in the Wing Chun system.