The Wing Chun Bundle that keeps on Giving

This Bundle deal will give you a whole lot of Wing Chun

If you are looking for training videos that have many of the Wing Chun concepts, practical demonstrations that you can use as stand-alone applications or if you are a Wing Chun practitioner then this course is ideal for you.

  •  Siu Nim Tao (The core building blocks of the Wing Chun System
  • Chum Kiu (Seeking the bridge. Add power and control to each and every attack)
  • The Wooden Dummy (The wooden man post, this brilliant piece of equipment will keep your Wing Chun fresh and give you loads to work on and practice)

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Course curriculum

  • 2

    Wing Chun foundation - Level 1

  • 3

    Wing Chun foundation - Level 2

    • Single hand changes inside and out, left and right hands
    • Biu Da v Hook + 45 Biu Ma (Thrusting fingers and 45 stepping)
    • 45 Biu Ma vs Straight punch then Lap + Lan / trap + strike
    • Tan Da vs Straight punch turn only FREE PREVIEW
    • Tan Da vs Haymaker/swinging hook punch + 45 step
    • Lap Sau drill
    • Application using Jut Sau
    • Application using Jum Sau
    • Turning Pak Sau + Fak Sau vs Straight punch FREE PREVIEW
    • Demonstrate Fook Sau subduing a hardmid-range straight punch
    • Gum Sau vs roundhouse + other Gum Sau applications
    • Lan Sau Push or Pull examples and explanation
    • Demonstrate correct punching on the Sa Bow (Wall Bag) Turning and in stance
    • Siu Nim Tao section 2
    • Adults SNT 2 Grading Sheet
  • 4

    Wing Chun foundation - Level 3

    • Chi Sau/Rolling with changes
    • 5 Chi Sau entry techniques
    • Example of another 5 Chi Sau entry techniques
    • Gang da vs Straight punch and/or Hook punches
    • Bong Sau application
    • Jic Gerk and Lift Kick– static / solo FREE PREVIEW
    • Application of front and lift kicks against an attacker
    • Pak Sau vs Pak Da
    • Demonstrate Fook Sau subduing a mid-range straight punch
    • Grab defences – hands, head / neck, rear
    • Chi Sau Poon Sau Dan Chi Sau
    • Siu Nim Tao Section 3 and full form example
    • Adults SNT 3 Grading Sheet
  • 5

    Chum Kiu - Seeking the Bridge - Level 1

  • 6

    Chum Kiu - Seeking the Bridge - Level 2

    • Lift Kick to bridge on coming attacker + Counter using techniques learned
    • Biu Ma + Bong Sau + Reset Drill vs Biu Ma Kuen (90 degrees)
    • Jum Sau to Rolling Jum then Tan/Lap vs Jic Kuen
    • 180 Fak Sau to bridge then counter using techniques learned
    • Defending against High, Middle and Low attacks
    • Wu Sau Punch Drill (Stepping in punch, grab and hook)
    • Flowing Chi Sau
    • Defending against Grabs
    • Siu Nim Tao
    • Chum Kiu form section 1
    • Chum Kiu form section 2
  • 7

    Chum Kiu - Seeking the Bridge - Level 3

  • 8

    The wing Chun Wooden Dummy Form. The Muk Yan Jong