Wing Chun Chum Kiu Intermediate level 3

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This course will cover the final section of the Chum Kiu grade form and applications.

This course is designed for the more advanced student and those that have a good understanding of Siu Nim Tao.

At this stage of training, you should be very confident in your Wing Chun ability and skill set.  

This course covers more advanced techniques and looks more at applications and how to develop your skills.

Building from the first 2 sections of Chum Kiu and the foundation Siu Nim Tao the aim of the Chum Kiu videos is to round out your knowledge and help you expand as a Wing Chun practitioner.  

Each phase is modular and can be learnt or practised in isolation or as a component of the larger curriculum and ultimately to encompass the entire system.

Halesowen Wing Chun online.

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