Chum Kiu Seeking the bridge. Intermediate level 2

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Building on from the first section of the seeking/searching the bridge form (Chum Kiu) this course will look in more detail at Chi Sau, use of kicks, entry techniques, and 180 Fak sau.

The Chum Kiu section of the Wing Chun syllabus is taking all the acquired knowledge from the foundation of Siu Nim Tao and aims to build upon that. 

Adding more dynamic energy and focus on turning and stepping. 

Basic mobility plays a significant role in this form. 

Where is the opponent's bridge to be found? Chum Kiu guides the way.

For personal skill development practice at home is vital, with and without a partner. 

You must gain a good understanding of the Chum Kiu form.

This course will help with:

  • Understanding the importance of seeking a bridge
  • Dynamic energy from turning
  • Footwork and stepping
  • Preparation for gradings
  • Learning the form (Chum Kiu)
  • Study at home
  • Drills
  • Partner work

Inside the course you will get access to:

PDF versions of the Syllabus for you to download

Instructional videos teaching Chum Kiu level 2.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me 

Watch Intro Video

Watch a sample

180 Fak Sau example and concepts

Course curriculum