The full intermediate Chum Kiu and Wooden Dummy

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This course will cover the intermediate Chum Kiu form in full, sections 1-3 and the Wooden Dummy (Muk Yan Jong)

This course is for the more advanced student or people that want to study Chum Kiu and the Wooden Dummy form.

This course covers more advanced techniques and looks more at applications and how to develop your skills.

Building a complete picture of the Chum Kiu form, applications and techniques.

Adding to the building blocks of the foundation Siu Nim Tao. The aims of the Chum Kiu course is to round out your knowledge and help you expand as a Wing Chun practitioner.  

The Wooden Dummy Course will go through each of the 8 sections of the form with a detailed explanation and breakdown of the moves.

Learning and understanding the sequence is  an important first step in the dummy form before breaking this down further and looking at the practical applications to the form

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