The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy, is it really worth learning?

Or is it just a stake in the ground?

"They laughed when I got my wooden dummy so early into my Wing Chun journey, but when I started to use the Muk Yan Jong..."

Any enthusiastic person can learn the Muk Yan Jong form by using our online learning platform. It is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Learn at your own pace and in your time, in your own home gym or garage.

If you are reading this page you either

  • Have a shiny new Muk Yan Jong
  • You have had a wooden dummy for ages and never used it
  • You are training in Wing Chun or JKD
  • You know a little of the wooden dummy form but not all of it 
  • You haven't trained on the wooden dummy for a while and need some guidance
  • You want to learn the Wooden dummy form but never seem to have the time
  • All of the above

Revealed in this course...

  • The Crucial 'hand positions' in the first 2 sections of the wooden dummy form that you have been doing wrong
  • If you do not finish each section of the wooden dummy in this way you are missing two vital energy points
  • Understanding why your energy and techniques must go "in to" the MukYan Jong and not to the side 
  • Why your positioning is vital when using the Wooden Dummy
  • Moving as one unit and not behind your techniques

Dear fellow Wing Chun practitioner,

"If you have struggled to learn the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy and have tried every YouTube video and online routine or you never seem to have enough time in class, then you are about to read on this page what you have been waiting all your training life for.

Here's why..."

When you make the commitment to purchase a Wing Chun Wooden Dummy you have a few things to consider

  1. Fixed or Freestanding
  2. Wooden or resin
  3. Where will you store your Wooden Dummy
  4. Is it weatherproof

The wooden dummy is an amazing piece of equipment. 

If you ever walk into a Wing Chun Kwoon (simplified Chinese: 馆; traditional Chinese: 館; pinyin: guǎn; training hall for Chinese martial arts) and you see the Muk Yan Jong, and you are new to Wing Chun then the conversation will inevitably end up at the Wooden Dummy. 

  1. "When Can I start to learn the Wooden Dummy?"
  2. "Are they expensive?"
  3. "What is that for?"
  4. “Can I have a go?”

Once the initial excitement has subsided and your Wing Chun training has commenced eventually you will begin your Wooden Dummy training.

Depending on the size of the classes where you are being taught the time you have available to access the Wooden Dummy maybe limited. 

Your Options
If you go down the route of having private lessons there are few issues to overcome

  • Do you have the time
  • Does Sifu have the time
  • Can I afford private lessons
  • Do we have a place to practice
  • What if I am training at home and I need some guidance

So why this online course?

Your Instructor
Let me introduce myself, my name is Sifu Alan Bagley, I have been teaching Wing Chun for over 13 years.

I run a full-time Wing Chun academy in the United Kindom and have taught the Muk Yan Jong to hundreds of students.

Why wait?
The introduction to the Wooden Dummy is usually delayed until they have finished all of their empty hand form training, Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu and Biu Tze.

I firmly believe that the Wooden Dummy can be introduced a lot earlier and has a massive benefit to new students of the Wing Chun system. 

My Lineage is directly from IP Man, my Grand Master or Sigung is Ip Chun Sifu and my Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe

What Will You get on this course

The videos contained in this course have been designed for beginner and advanced students alike.

We are all on our own Journey.  

Available when you need it 

The course has been produced with you in mind. 

The aim of the course is 

  • to save you time in the learning process, watch, learn, practice, perfect. 
  • Give you a resource that you can reference 24 hours a day
  • Designed to save you money on having to have private lessons

You will improve your Wing Chun and Wooden dummy training in the following ways

  1. Assist you to grow the skills you need to avoid-using-force-against-force
  2. They will cover all of the sections of the Muk Yan Jong

  3. You will get a better understanding of the correct positioning you need when going around the Woden Dummy

  4. You can take your time and focus on any "problem areas" that you might have

  5. Train in the privacy of your own home

  6. Train when you have the time

  7. Learn at your own pace

  8. Have fun learning

Muk Yan Jong - smile and have fun

Learning the Muk Yan Jong is fun but can be frustrating at times. 

No need to rush

Some advice

Taking your time to learn the first 4 sections first is advised before going learning sections 5-8. 

Learning the wooden dummy will impress upon you the importance of your positioning, timing, and techniques.  

Some very common mistakes people make when learning the wooden dummy will become obvious as you go over the course material.

Advanced Techniques
This course covers more advanced techniques and looks more at applications and how to develop your skills.

The Wooden dummy videos will help with:

  • Learning the wooden dummy sequence
  • Looking at each movement in isolation
  • Understanding the importance of footwork
  • Position, Energy Reflex, Technique and Timing
  • Study at home
  • Exploring drill
  • Expanding Knowledge
  • And much more...

Inside the course you will get access to:

The Wooden Dummy Videos will go through each of the 8 sections of the form with a detailed explanation and breakdown of the moves.

Learning and understanding the sequence is  an important first step in the dummy form before breaking this down further and looking at the practical applications to the form



YOURS FREE - Exclusive offer to this platform.

When you enrol in this course, as an added bonus, I am offering you the opportunity to have your progress assessed

I will personally critique your wooden dummy form, give you feedback and pointers to help further your training and development.

 YOURS FREE - Bonus 2

If you feel confident enough that your Wooden Dummy form is up to scratch, I will personally Grade you on your form, for FREE, the grading fee at my academy is £97.00. 

If you meet the required standard, as set out by my academy, you will be sent a grading certificate of completion, dated and signed by myself

Watch Intro Video

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Course curriculum

Are you ready to take your Wing Chun to the next level

This is an amazing opportunity to learn and master the Muk Yan Jong. Have you got what it takes? Purchase now and commit. It is your training and development!

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